A problem in the lists of OKORO constituency's S.development is going to be tribalism as reports popping up indicates that the area is getting swallowed by tribalistic mindsets and sentiments.

The reports gathered by Citi News Ltd showed many tribalistic messages and memes in circulation amongst the people and also on social media.

Like many folks that this website wanted to talk to declined to talk about it, citi news LTD  reporters were able to pile up some of the tribalistic memes in circulation on social media.

Whereas many folks within  OKORO are outrightly against the tribalism names,  others are in defense of it and are openly spring-boarding the messages on their different social media platforms particularly Facebook.

The tribalistic memes and slogans are being used by some political supporters to attack their political opponents.

Among some memes gathered by Citi news LTD are:

" To those supporting candidates of non-alur tribesmen don't love their Alur, the reason being there are other capable Alurs who can also fit in that active position everyone is looking at the moment. 
MUWINJU RAC WANGE MOCHI" one of the meme reads in part on social media.

"It can only take us backward psychologically and mentally to vote such a man from other tribes" one person noted

"Thank God come rain come sunshine, I have my own two candidates that I will vote, OKORO also have their own children," another person wrote

"Those people want to come and steal from our area Instead of their area ..I will never vote for another tribesman ".another tribalistic meme reads in part. 

"It will be an abomination if the people of OKORO county votes the stranger to lead them..though we had candidates leading us from another country, at least for him he was an Alur tribe" another person stated. 

Nevertheless, there are many who believes that leadership should be chosen not basing on tribal lines but rather capability and integrity. 

Opio kuyesu a voter from Paidha town council narrates that what he hates much in his life is tribalism and he implored his fellow members to desist from it and rather learn how to select good leadership in the area where they come from.

" what I hate so much in my life is tribalism, please let's learn how to select leadership " a one Opio shared.

Jaraloch chrispo a voter and a health worker within Paidha states that what he needs is good and good leadership no matter where some come from and what the person does

" We want change , no matter what someone does and where he comes from " Jaraloch stated. 

Docta ocent an artist and a media personality in Paidha town said tribalism is a vice that can't and will never develop OKORO..he also added that ideologies and capabilities of contestants should be  at the center of discussion at the moment but not tribalistic petty discussions.

"Tribalism won't take us far, it will instead tear us apart.." ocent said. 

A source from Hon minister D ' janga one of the contenders in the race for the area mp for Okoro constituency who preferred anonymity reiterated that they are ain't aware of such a thing happening but further said if at all its true, folks behind it should outrightly desist from it because it's not healthy for the politics of Okoro.

" we are not aware of tribalistic messages going around..we are currently getting our camp in case its happening those behind it should kindly desist from it..tribalism is unhealthy for our okoro politics" the source said.

Another source within Okumu Gabriel camp another contender in the race of the area mp for Okoro constituency disclosed that it's true that such a tribalistic meme is in circulation on social media.The source further explained that attacks with such a meme were initially directed at their camp but says its not a big challenge for them.

" we know that some people are failures that's why they are resorting to such slogans to attack us and our candidate..tribalism is not the way to go..politics is the battle of ideologies not hatred..we are one people. No tribal memes shall scare us from our cause" the source said.

The race for okoro county is getting at to the edge as things are getting against the clock..many folks are joining the political gallery in a bid to stomach the holy grail..amongst those in the pipeline are onega innocent the former paidha town council chaiperson who reports say is coming as an independent. 

Mr Ramji krishna is as well coming up as an independent candidate. 

Mr Jacanmakwo martin kermundu jr has recently announced his intention to contest but will first go through the NRM primary election with the likes of  Incumbent Hon Simon D' janga and mr okumu Gabriel a prominent businessman within Paidha town who declared his intention to stand late last year.

President Museveni in his 19th state of the nation's address on COVID- 19 stated that politicians and citizens who preaches tribalism are real saboteurs of development and implored them to discern themselves from the practices.