As the day freefalls to the highly anticipated 2021 general election, political actors are toiling up and down with or without agendas to hoodwink voters in a bid to take up different political spots in the district of Zombo.

From the entity of the district woman representative in the August house, The line has been drawn between Three powerful women, who has so far confirmed their candidatures. These are Sarah Adong representing the Democratic party, Esther Afoyochan representing Nrm, and Mrs. Alanyu Jacqueline Jennifer who is coming on independent ticket.

Zombo district since its breakaway from the then Nebbi district in 2011 has been represented by one person, that is Hon minister Grace freedom Kwiocwiny, However, in an unprecedented move, She lost to a new entrant Ms Afoyochan Esther in the just concluded Nrm primary election. 

The race this time around brings together the three peculiar faces that not much is known about.

Many electorates believes the battle for the woman mp seat in the forthcoming 2021 general election is not going to be attributed to party affiliation but rather ideologies whilst others think other wise. 

Citinews ltd takes a walk through into camps of the three contestants. 


Her entry into the zombo district  political scene was not much anticipated from the offset, but she started gaining ground in the middle of the Nrm primary campaign thanks to her media  publicists Cisse ja and mc Banton.

Talking to citinews ltd in july, Esther gave an assurance to her supporters of how ready and sure-footed she was.
" Am ready for election, I know we are many in the race but I don't mind much about that" Esther told citinews ltd in july this year. 

In her different campaigns sessions at the Nrm primary, She majorly emphasises on women empowerment at different levels.

She emmerged the winner after garnering 27,998 votes constituting to 47.0%, Hon grace freedom the incumbent came second and Ms Pacutho Macakdhau came third

Wether she will paint the town red in forthcoming 2021 general election still remains a million dollar question given the tense nature of this year's political atmosphere. 


Adong sarah was not so much indulged into the political spheres of the district, but this time around, she threw the microphone and the headphone away to specifically focus her lense on zombo district woman leadership. 

Adong enjoys  much prerogatives having been in the media entity for many years. To many folks, her name is not peculiar. Adong sarah commonly known as miss independent worked as a radio presenter at paidha fm and urban television stations respectively before resorting to political affairs.

Adong is representing Democratic party that much is not known about in the district. 
Its not going to be a piece of cake for her to get to the top given the entrenched nature of Nrm party in the district.

Nevertheless, Adong severally and severally is calling upon folks, not to value political parties but rather focus on  individual intergrities and and ideologies in the coming elections.

Adong sharon was the first opposition candidate in zombo woman mp race to congratulate and welcome the Nrm candidate in a tweet immediately after the Nrm primary election

"Thank you Zombo Nrm for opening the path for me , now let the race begin officially"
 Sharon tweeted.  

This week, Adong additionally said" 
My humble appeal to the people of zombo is to  not  only look at political affiliation of a candidate but the ability of the person to serve our great district of zombo".

Mrs Adong sarah was earlier endorsed by the Democratic party as the sole candidate for zombo  woman mp seat.


Mrs Alanyu's face is not strange in the political entity of zombo.

Many knows her for being an Nrm stalwart but this time around, she has shifted the goal post to independent ticket.whilst  confirming  her candidacy to citinews ltd early this week, The latter never divulged into the detail of why she never contested on the Nrm party ticket.

Alanyu has been within the woman leadership of zombo for donkey's years.

Its reported that whilst working as the district vice chairperson for zombo between 2011-2016, she was the brainchild behind the lobbying of warr health centre 111 to health centre IV in ora constituency.

Alanyu also  told citinews ltd early this week that her campaign agendas shall majorly dwell on discreet  democracy ,transparency, accountality and equal distribution of resources for the populace. 

The line is now drawn for the  people of zombo this time around to go  for  either  intergrity or political party ideologies. 

The candidates for the mp race will be nominated on the 12-13th of October this year as per the communique by Uganda electoral commission spokesman mr Paul Bukenya early this week. Rwothomio Mike Jabila