Jawiambe rogers A.k.a Cisse Ja


Jawiambe rogers commonly known by his stage name "cisse ja" is one among the many funny guyz on social media in paidha town that no one can Flagg any information about him as useless.

Known for his " razor sharp jokes " on Facebook and his "comedy room" wasup group, cisse ja doesn't have time for bickering over minute issues, However, not all that crawls and quark like ducks are all ducks.

Early this week, cisse ja posted a short message that raised the eyebrows of all his followers on Facebook. 

" I always come in piece en am ain't that bad omen.
 Nor a snatcher as some of em claim
But am a little bit creepy en crazy" he posted Monday this week.

However, one of his "comedy room" friend who  is currently based in kampala told citinews scoop

" I know cisse ja better..dude doesn't have time for beef...he is under some one's radar In town...that guy is accusing him simply coz he at times  associates with his wife..I think that is the reason cisse is writing such a can't come out of a blue and say I'm not a least there should a reason why your saying friend to cisse..I know cisse is just social..he is not a snatcher. ."

When contacted by citinews scoop, cisse ja replied 
In a mail message

 " I'm not a snatcher and i don't intend to do so..I associate freely with people regardless of their gender..Im not a snatcher". He never delves into the detail of his message. 

Cisse is a comical social media titan..his jokes always send his followers in stitches even though they not happy..However, this week's message shared on his Facebook page leaves many queries without answers..........

...citinews scoop...
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