Paidha Black Angels Club


Paidha black angels sc has officially opened its door to individuals and companies who want to conduct business with the club next  season.

Yahaya Bhakit the club's  current chief executive officer told citinews Ltd that the move  is aimed at generating funds for the club in the upcoming season. 

" we have established a sponsorship proposal where by people can sponsor different aspects of our games, for example matchday games where people can enter for free .
We have sponsorship of as low as ten thousand shillings. Even gate collections like for instance we have categorised gate fee of two thousand shillings as a sponsorship in our sponsorship proposal " Bhakit explained. 

Bhakit further stressed that anybody or any company is at liberty to cut a deal with the club. He also shared that the club has lowered the sponsorship fees for  individuals and companies in order to woo more  sponsors given the feasible nature of the club's fan base. 

" Anybody is free to sponsor our club, we can give you advertising platform like if you want your radio station to feature on our website as our partnership entity, it can goes as low as 200.000 ugx .
We have put our shirt sponsorship fee at only 30.000.000 ugx per season which give the sponsors maximum media coverage and advertising platform.
We even have a full matchday sponsorship whereby a company for example like Mtn that spends a lot of money in mobilizing crowds for their promotional activities can come in and sponsor the games since we have big fan base" Bhakit noted

Mr Bhakit additionally remarked that,  much as the Club is grappling with financial issues, they are working to the last borne to ensure the club's activities are fluid.He also announced that the club has so far licensed twelve players and negotiations is  ongoing with many players who have shown bold interest in joining the club.

" we have extended contract of some of our players .we are also expecting some outgoings because we are seeing alot of requests from some of our players, meanwhile , we are also looking at recruiting more new players  in the club.As per now, we have twelve registered players and we are in negotiations with some new players as well " Bhakit said

Paidha black angels sc finished 5th on the table in the elgon group last season when fufa ended the season for all the leagues in the country prematurely owing to the covid-19 pandemic. Rwothomio Mike Jabila