Warom Clarence


WAROM CLARENCE the youngest aspirant in the race for member of parliament for Padyere county has said folks of Padyere are interested in seeing a true leader, not a politician leading them.

In a telephone interview with Citi news LTD on the 5th of august,
Warom who is a  contestant on independent ticket also opined that most politicians are pretenders who more often than not makes empty pinky promises to the electorates and after getting a nod from them, they vanished in thin air whilst painting electorates in the corner.

"The hearts of our people of Padyere are yearning to see leaders coming up not politicians because politicians are "jugamba" literally meaning hypocrites .its high time that we try to consider that its a common man's struggle where we represent the interest of the common man," clarence said.

WAROM who is a renowned preacher within the Anglican Church of Uganda Paidha also mentioned that his coming into the leadership of Padyere isn't a joke but God's call upon his life.

" Paul says in Roman 13 that there is no authority that is established on its own except that it's ordained by God.my coming into leadership is not a joke but something which is serious and a God's call upon my life" clarence noted

Additionally, Clarence said he knows that he has not arrived financially but believes he has the leadership skills and intelligence that can move the needle of Padyere county if he is given a nod. He also shared how sure-footed he is and said he is not afraid of his well-entrenched opponents in the race. 

" I can't offer what I don't have, the only thing I can offer to the people of Padyere is my intelligence, mind and my leadership skills to redeem our land. Talking about the big shots, Am not afraid of them" clarence said.

Clarence also underscored the values of key sectors of the economy like infrastructure, health sector, and the education sector. He reiterated that this will be some of key areas of emphasis since these are the hearts and souls of citizens. 

" if you want to kill a nation, kill these three things like education sector, Health sector and infrastructural development especially roads amongst others, the nation has died," clarence said.

Warom clarence's painting of the town red isn't going to be a piece of cake. He has to battle it out with the likes of Anywarach Joshua carter the current MP at the helm of  Padyere county among others. 

WAROM CLARENCE  went to Paidha and Angal secondary school respectively before joining Kyambogo university. He is a preacher within the entity of the Anglican Church of Uganda Paidha. He initially worked at  Christ the king Fm a locally based Christian radio station in Goli and Titus ministry Paidha a Christian organization that aims at the plight of the poor and the orphans.

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