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Jazim pro is one among the youngest budding producers in paidha and the greater nebbi at large. He works at Ruviecom records paidha. 

He first started his career as an artist but later on shifted the goal post to music production. He has worked with paidha based artists like miray bad buoy, rolling snake, zion city among others.

Citinews scoop this week had a one on one with him.

How is life taking u under this COVID 19 thing jazim?

Am gud..since am breathing...

We are told studios are not making money as it used to are u trying to cope up.?

I Am kind of managing the little I'm getting plus my savings. 

Being a young music produza..what are some of the direct challenges you kind of encounter.?

Haa..its hard to impress everyone in the industry

Most of your production pieces are majorly for male artists...why not female artists?

It's true because currently, female artists are there but few..and I have done only one song for a female artist..she is called parton Baibe..

Which music genre is your favorite as a produza?

Man..afro and dancehall is gem..

You were once an artist during your school days in paidha ss..why did you then shifted the goal post to music production?

Man..We were always in war with my Dad and paying my school fees became a big problem hence forcing me to..

Who did inspire to embrace production?

Ruvie pro bits and pro Dx

There are a bunch of budding artists and old artists in Zombo now, who in your opinion is currently is super dope?

In my opinion...I feel miray, rolling snake..kaga..Ragz but alpha boy is the best. 

Some times back, we saw some feud between paidha old artists and upcoming ones..what's your take on that as a producer?

I heard but you know what. I never gave it a damn.

Between a music producer and an artist..who makes song lit and unputdownable?

Its producer of course

Many artists like mentioning names of presenters,djs, politicians etc in their songs..what's your take on that as a producer?

Producer Jazim Pro
It's absolutely fake prayers is that it hits a dead end without any further ado.

Female artists are taking too long to get to the zenith of alur music a producer..what do you think is hindering some of the young female talents from popping up?

There are family issues, its hard to maintain female artists' lifestyles in our community and they are few who got the talent.

Are you married?

Single yet

Do you have any plans of getting married?

Sure man..but I see that in six years if am still alive.

Early this year, there were some media reports that gals in town were giving you sleepless nights with phone true was that?

Man, that thing was absolutely plain and real..but hey. I just gave them no attention. 

How do u balance your life as a celebrity and an average joe?

I just live a simple life and that's all.

What advice wud you give to those who want to be like u jazim?

Work hard..and do all the best but don't rush..go slow.
Where do you see yourself as a producer in 3 years? 

I always look at the bright side. I see my self going national an international by Allah's help.

Who is your current Uganda's pick of the bunch produza?

Nessim pan production..dude is real..I like him.

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