KUMIRA NICHOLAS ANGALA a former contender in the 2016 NRM primary election has officially announced his intention of contesting in the forthcoming election under the independent ticket. 

In a communique shared by Mr. Nicholas' sidekick WATSON AGO GODWIN'S on the 8th of August, The latter explained that his return to an already park to the brim race is majorly aimed at bringing the tremendous change and the transformation of  OKORO and ZOMBO that has been absent for dogs years. 

" No words can express my gratitude towards your support and love seeing me as a competent leader fit for OKORO. This is a good year of tremendous change and  transformation of our OKORO and ZOMBO making it great before the face of the country Uganda." Nicholas's message reads in part. 

Similarly, Nicholas who once paid allegiance to the NRM in the 2016 party primary election declared his intention of coming under independent party ticket. He never divulged in the detail of why he jumped the ship of the ruling party.

" This coming year 2021, will be eagerly seeking your vote under independent party ticket which is taking place after the primaries. Thank you so much.I am confidently trusting God for the possible change for Okoro for 2021 -2026" Nicholas said

The race for OKORO county has continued to swell since the election bell tolled,  Nonetheless, unconfirmed reports indicate that many folks who first and fast declared their interest on independent tickets backed down due to the unprecedented nature of this year's recently released road map by Uganda electoral commission. 

Kumira Nicholas Angala contested against Hon Simon Dujanga in the 2016 NRM primary election. He without any further ado shifted the goal post after losing in the election to independent party ticket in the 2016 general election. He lost to the Incumbent Hon Simon Dujanga who is still consolidating his footprint to bounce back to the august house come 2021-2026. Rwothomio Mike Jabila