Minnesota Governor Tim Walz says protesters should get tested for corona virus.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz said on Monday that all protesters should be tested for corona virus.

Walz’s suggestion comes three days after state health officials made a similar request those who took part in the countrywide protest against the death of George Floyd, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribute.

“Anyone who demonstrated should receive a test for COVID-19,” Walz twitted. “If you think you’ve been exposed, get a test 5 days after the event. If that test turns up negative, get tested again 14 days after the event.”

Many protesters across the country have worn masks in attempts to limit the spread of corona virus, but the large gatherings still increase chances for the virus to pass from person to person.

Police have not helped matters by arresting hundreds of people and tossing them in unsanitary jail conditions. COVID-19 spread quickly in jails and prisons even before they were packed with people who had violated curfews.

More than 1,000 people in Minnesota have died from COVID-19, according to  data compiled by Johns Hopkins.

The protests were inspired by the killing of George Floyd on May 25 by Minneapolis police officers. George Floyd himself tested positive for corona virus back on April 3 and his autopsy also showed COVID-19, even though he was asymptomatic.