Mc Beats Godi


Last week, a Paidha based Mc Beats Godi officially joined the elders' league after welcoming a bouncing baby boy that he,  without any further ado named Myriad Asahd.

" yea I got a bouncing baby boy today..I named him myriad Asahd" Mc beats told citinews scoop last week.

Today, citinews scoop had a  one on one with mc beats on how parenthood is taking him.

How does it feel being a father? 

Ohhh.. it's interesting being a father..super awesome. 

What experience have you so far learned as a father? 

Man..its ought to think how things will be tomorrow...its makes u think big..but above all. I feel am becoming responsible and people are kinda giving some little respect to me..its amazing..

How was the feeling when the news broke out you receiving a baby? was like a fairytale yet fact...I felt on cloud nine..I felt big and heavy.. it's hard to explain in the right way.

Many do say celebrities are especially male ones who are womanizers. How do u perceive that talk?

It's not a by and large thing..not all celebs are bad. For instance, am not of that depends on one's perception. 

You're a medical student as are you gonna balance family responsibility with studies?

I have planned for it. if you plan for something well...nothing comes bad. I know everything is gonna be yea. I know for the fact that my wife understands what I'm doing.

Many Paidha celebs are single..what advice wud you give to those who want to follow your footstep?

You can't fear marriage..its nature. .let them embrace nature just..its good to be it.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, happening places have been shut are u trying to manage the situation?

Man. Its hard, long, and heavy..but we are trying by the grace of God..

Is there any wedding plan.?.

Hmmm..yea..the plan is there but no so soonest.

..Citinews scoop. Rwothomio Mike Jabila