High Standard Infrastructure will cater for the growing Education demand: Sudhir

For the education sector to consumed the growing education demand, there is need to establish high standard facilities to create an environment where all can exhibit their expertise.

High Standard Infrastructure will cater for the growing Education demand: Sudhir
Sudhir Ruparelia talking during the webinar at Victoria University

The Chairman, Board of Director, Victoria University has said the increasing demand exhibited in the growing number of students joining the education system can only be solved with high standard education infrastructure that will enable a learning environment that will add value to the society in Uganda.  

He said when The Ruparelia Foundation ventured in the education sector they created an environment where students, lecturers can exercise their expertise in a high standard infrastructure to serve the growing demand of students in Uganda.

“We ventured in the education sector to add value to society. I believe the sector need create a system that will combine 3 aspects in the system including the teaching fraternity, students, and the infrastructure in an environment for them to practice their expertise” he said

He made the remarks during an online webinar organized by Victoria University on Thursday 18th November 2020 with the theme” The Journey and Future of Victoria University”

Sudhir highlighted the importance of having a university campus in the middle of the city which he said keeps student exposed to the centre of urban environment. He added that if coupled with another campus outside the city can integrate and coordinate with a much bigger facility outside the city which he said is part of the plan of Victoria University.

“Like other countries abroad, university campuses are in an environment of the central town. This integrates with the campus outside the city. Our next step is to put a big campus. This is working for us” he said.

While giving a brief background of the Education investment of Ruparelia Group, Sudhir mentioned that since they joined the education sector they have established sizable institutions in Uganda including Kampala International School Uganda (KISU), Delhi International school, Kampala Parents School, Victoria University among others.

He said through Ruparelia Foundation, apart from supporting the social well being of education, they are also into charity activities including orphanages, donations to religious bodies, the unprivileged and others.

Sudhir was the Chief guest of the webinar and flanked by the Acting Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs, Dr Lawrence Mugagga, and Rebecca Ssubi an Alumni of Victoria University.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr Lawrence Mugaga picture in middle above said that the university ‘s world class dream has sofar been great with over 200 students in forum faculties including humanities, health, Business among others.

Victoria University was opened in August 2013 and has the capacity. The University is centrally located in the heart of Kampala City with ample parking space. Programmes include Humanities, Health, Science and Technology, Business among others.