Kizito regrets of working with people with dubious minds who took advantage of the powers he had entrusted in them to fight him and unlawful acts which left many of them exposed. However much he had little funds to support the town council, he managed to construct a composite site with the help of JICA which contributed over 200M out of the 300M they needed to carry on the project. Kizito adds that during his time office there were quit many transfers on town clacks by the local government and he recalls, by the time he left office he had worked with over 6 town clack and this sabotage him so much.


During the 2016 general elections things turned to be bitter for the person who turned Mubende town council to Municipal status as he was shown exit from office after losing in the general elections.

Humble raised church boy whom I found deep in the village carrying a trey of eggs on his notice that what had taken me to this village was the hunt to meet him. I was welcomed in a VIP way with omelet, sited under a mango tree it’s were the story of my longtime friend who had disappeared on scene of politics started.

Born Kizito Zziwa in mubende hospital on the 22th Feb 1966, in a family of 3 girls and boys by the late Antonia Male of Kibyayi LC1 and Josephine Nakanwagi. Kizito grew up in Kibyayi even though the daddy used to stay in Mubende town as the chairperson for Kasenyi Caltex as well as a police officer who were commonly kwon as the Museven guards.

1971 Kizito started schooling in Kabatende for necessary school at the age of 5 years but after one year he was taken to Katoma Primary school for his primary one, later to St Mary’s primary footing over 12 kilometers with parked rescuer for his breakfast and lunch. Kizito recalls the army ambush that ushered in Idd amin and this did not spare the old Antonia leaving Kizito in his last term of primary four an orphan. This was the beginning of a hustle to the younger Kizito with the mum who had no fees to cater for his education success. It’s alleged that the Mzee’s death was connected to politics according to voices that were hard during the burial however much he was still younger. Kizito Said.

After the passing on of Mzeei Antonia, Kizito was given an offer under the government program by then UPC department probation office which was in charge of children who were vulnerable and this give him school fees and uniform which helped this younger Kizito since the mum had no money to cater for her son school fees with the little she used to get from the local crude warangi she could make which had no market by then and in 1977 Kizito sat for his primary leaving education at St Mary’s Primary School.

Immediately after completing his primary level, the old Josephine took Kizito to Kasenyi Ss for his secondary education, Kizito and his other fellow where the pioneers of Kasenyi Ss but the school never satisfied the old Josephine which left her with no option rather than changing the school. In his third term, Kizito changed to Mubende Light Ss but as the norm he was the pioneer with Mr. Kayiwa Benson the current District Education Officer of Mubende district.

Kizito was picked by white father Mr. Hazy Hider who took him together with the late Jjagwe Godfrey to Namukonzi Mityana for his S.2 and S.4. Along his studies in Mityana another bush war sparked off with lots of gun shots that forced them to run for their dear life, the confused Kizito run for rescue through Busujju and this found him walking for over 4 days before reaching his home town Mubende.

1979, Kizito had completed his S4 and there was no money to continue with studies since the white father had returned to German. This happened to be the start for his suffering and he opted to go back to his former primary school St Mary’s Primary School where he started teaching as the S4 school teacher. In God we trust, Kizito says, he kept on praying since St Mary’s was just close to the church, his prayers were answered when Action Aid Uganda opened up Centre’s and Mubende was one of it.

Kizito narrates, Action Aid program was a blessing in a disguise, he was picked and given interviews which he passed with good results that interested Action Aid and was taken for studies under their project MTP (Mubende Teachers Project) but this happened as he was still teaching at St Mary’s and he completed as a grade three teacher in 1976.

On the 25thJuly 1979 Kizito decided to engage himself in relationship, which saw him marrying Margret Zziwa the lady to Muzei Shaduraka Ssekoza who are happily leaving with four kids. As you are very aware that the public gives respect to married people, this so happened to Kizito when he was elected as the chairman LC 1 Kibati Zone and LC 2 Kasana Parish in 1986 respectively. He was the first to establish an LC1 office according to Kasirye Ggwanga who was the district chairperson.

In 199, Kizito was appointed by the district local service commission as the head teacher in Maya, Kasambya constituency to 1993 this position came with lot of responsibilities that left him losing the LC 2 sit since he had no much time for this position and wanted to nest on his professional. Kizito went ahead and fathered his clearer, when he graduated as grade five teacher with a diploma in education at national teachers college Mubende (NTC) in 2002 and this was like his calling to politic.

2004 he was posted in Mugungulu as the head-teacher to 2005, but before the beginning of 2006 he had written to Mr. Ssebunya Denis who was the Chief Administrative officer (CAO) his resignation and immediately contested on independent ticket as the chairperson LC 3 the sit which was hotly contested for by in-cabinet who doubles as his In-law on the NRM ticket Mr. Mugume Jethro who had served two terms in office and won him in a landslide victory.

In March 6th 2008, the Rotary clubs of Mubende and Jinja donated 240 wheelchairs to the disabled people in Mubende district. Kizito was one of the Rotarian who robbed for this gesture as the Mayor of Mubende town, it’s said that the wheelchairs were distributed in all the sub-counties but now it’s had to trace they were about since there were no clear records showing them same. This was not the only number of disabled people who needed support. There were many others in the villages who needed financial and material support the Kizito had to find ways and means of helping them.

Kizito says, in his first time in office it gave him much exposure and he managed to expand the town council from 3 parishes by the end of his term they had reached 10. The public saw his competence and added him another term in office in 2011 which helped him to market Mubende by taking out the perception from people who thought before reaching Mubende you have to pass through fortportal which he successfully achieved.

Kizito regrets of the rigidness, selfness and dubious minded team that he entrusted with power to spear head the projects that he had robbed from abroad for their own benefits. Using his robbing tactics, Kizito says he had sourced for a fire brigade and an ambulance. Donors on their way to Mubende they were hijacked by ex-army officers who were late arrested by the help of Asp Enock Baine who was the DPC of Mubende later paraded before court and charged.

May 2011, excitement and jubilations almost killed the people of Mubende Town council for receiving the first ever ambulance, this happened during his swearing ceremony at the council hall. This came as a blessing for Kizito who had won the elections. Kizito said, Even if he had lost in the elections, he would fulfill his pledge. This ambulance was given to Mubende Municipality by its friends in the US, Kizito said the ambulance was acquired through a twinning relationship between Mubende town and Tumwater City in the US. The ambulance was handed over to Kizito by Matthew Russel, who represented the American ambassador.

At one point the ambulance was almost taken by a lady called Angela Bukenya born of Mperwerwe in connection with some municipal leaders in our district, however, he applauds resident of Mubende for standing firm and blocked the thugs from taking their property. Kizito said.

12 June 2012 Mubende Town Council leaders rejuvenated their quest for the town to be elevated to municipal status this was under the leadership of Kizito Zziwa as the LC 3 chairperson or call him the mayor by then.

This can be recalled in 2009 when the first attempt was made through Mubende town council sitting that passed a resolution seeking the town’s elevation. Although the resolution was also upheld by the district council leaders arguing that it was yet to be forwarded to the ministry of local government for consideration.

During my research, I crossed check with the archives from the National Urban Authorities Association that indicated the request was received in 2009 indicating how Mubende leaders had revived their demand for the town’s elevation. The town was supposed to be elevated because it had reached all the required conditions. Kizito explained that the population was more than double constraining the little resources the town was entitled to from the central government for service delivery.

 In June 2014 Kizito, recalls the disturbing news he got of Hundreds of people from several villages in Mubende town council who were sleeping out in the cold after being evicted from their homes by Uganda People’s Defense Forces and the affected people were from Makenke, Kasenyi Caltex, Kibyayi, Boma and Kyanasiki.

It comprised of over five hundred people that camped at Nakayima primary school Boma village neither his officer nor the residents received any warning to relocate to another area nor eviction notice. Kizito said, the plans to evict those people were started a few years ago but it was not implemented. He added that residents were entitled to compensation before they were evicted from their land, but this was not done

Kizito regrets of working with people with dubious minds who took advantage of the powers he had entrusted in them to fight him and unlawful acts which left many of them exposed. However much he had little funds to support the town council, he managed to construct a composite site with the help of JICA which contributed over 200M out of the 300M they needed to carry on the project. Kizito adds that during his time office there were quit many transfers on town clacks by the local government and he recalls, by the time he left office he had worked with over 6 town clack and this sabotage him so much.

In the 2015/2016 financial year Urban Authorities Association had backed Mubende request that showed it in a municipal status that financial year since it was more of regional headquarters for the greater Mubende districts of Mityana, Kiboga, Kyankwanzi and Kasanda. Johnson Muyanja Ssenyonga, Chairperson National Urban Authorities Association, gave his full support through the association on the matter.

During his Tenure of office, Kizito highlights some achievements he managed to get like land titles and plots were acquired i.e., the city town abartual land title in Kikona Kyabatangi, well-wisher gave a plot in Kibyayi for the health Centre, in Katwe near the technical plot among others.

Currently Kizito Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in education majoring in English and early child education obtained from Muteesa one Royal University in 2019. His argue for the political arena has never died according to the reliable source indicates he may be coming back as an aspirant for Mayor Mubende Municipal Council the status he had struggled for

Mubende district has moved in the hands of uniform men to the current head who looks more of a peasant. It can be noted that the late Maj. Gen. Kasirye Ggwanga was the district chairman from 1996 to 2001 and during his time, he was referred to as the ‘governor’ of Mubende with zero tolerance for corruption that enabled the district to develop at a high speed because all funds were well utilised. A Maj in the UPDF, Kasirye believed in handing over power peacefully. He is remembered for having mobilised residents to do community work (bulungi bwansi) by slaughtering for them bulls and buying them beer.

Immediately after the late Ggwanga another uniform swag in as Maj Joseph Kakooza, a retired army officer, served for two term as the LC5 chairman for Mubende district. He also renovated feeder roads in a bid to increase accessibility of traders to farmers. He has also improved the relationship between civil servants and politicians. Mr. Kakooza is a man of action who spend most of his time in the field trying to find out people’s problems and currently is representing the people of Buwekula constituency but here things looks opposite